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We exist for one reason: To be agents of result-driven change, bridging the gap between business and digital innovation, while leaving a positive impact on the community around us.

Digital innovation is a vital element to outpace your competition. Yet, since innovation is both art and science, keeping up might be tricky. This is where we come in.

With 20+ years of experience in building world-class digital solutions, we provide a unique balanced perspective to forward thinking organisations that want to transform their ideas into innovative blockchain, AI & IOT based products and services that their users love.

Experience - Flexibility - Reliability

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

We take your blockchain/AI/IOT idea and transform it into a set of production ready smart contracts, surrounded by all the necessary business components.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

We enable you and your smart contracts to become compliant with the laws and regulations that are coming up, both in Malta and in other countries.

Smart Scan

Smart Contract Audits

Security is the cornerstone of your blockchain business. Ensuring you audit your smart contracts from all angles is of utmost importance. We audit your smart contracts against a checklist based on best practices to ensure it executes the intended behaviour.

Blockchain Consultancy & Education

We love to share our knowledge of blockchain. We advise our clients on their blockchain initiatives and ICOs. And we can act as your advisor on smart contract development, Solidity, security audit, strategic direction, marketing and project management and on how you should scale your blockchain startup.

Initiatives built on Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin and other blockchains. Taking you from a blockchain proof of concept to production ready.

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You Have An Amazing Idea?

We can bring it to life.

Blockchain Ideation &
Agile Product Management

We team up with you and your team to beef up your blockchain/AI/IOT business/product idea. Through product validation analysis we make sure your idea is sound both from a business and from a technology point of view. We then transform the idea into specification documents, wireframes and user stories for developers to implement this idea end-to-end. We enhance your product management function to deliver in an agile way.

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Safe and reliable

Scaling Technically & Strategically

Success is a mix of good strategic and technical decisions. Scaling up is the difference between mediocre startups and global unicorns. Taking the right decisions with regards to blockchain, AI and IOT can be difficult and getting it wrong is not an option. We provide both strategic and technical advisory that enables you to take the right decisions to scale up even in relatively new fields like blockchain, AI and IOT.

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Strategic & Technical Scaling

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